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Evolve with Your Tennis

Jose Benjumea is a PTR certified tennis professional who has been a tennis teaching professional since 1974.  At the urging of his students and through many years of tennis instruction, researching and compiling successful strategies for the court, Jose has taken the plunge to connect to recreational players from 2.0 to 5.0 on-line. This website and future posts are dedicated to all tennis enthusiasts who wish to discover new ways of thinking about the game and to encourage all players, at any stage of their tennis journey, to evolve with their tennis.

3 Types of Doubles Players – Who are You?


We can all develop the skills and mindset of the doubles players “WHO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.” And, if you’re already in the first category, well, there is always room for upgrades. It is to this end that I have devoted myself to make iclicktennis.com the website of tennis instruction to go to to help you grow, evolve, and transform your game and mindset. Change is that constant in our lives which nudges us to keep on learning and adapting. Let’s do it!

Recents Posts by Jose

Spring Tennis and José is back

The Miami Open 2019 Hi Everyone, Spring is here and with it comes the beginning of  USTA tennis leagues, high school tennis, and pretty much the end of  winter lethargy. Exciting times are ahead of us. Talking about thrills, I had the chance to attend the Miami Open. It's a spectacular venue for [...]

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Strategy Vs Tactics

  What happens when you are talking with your doubles partner but you're not really communicating?  Here is what I mean - you're planning on  how to beat your opponents and you're discussing what tactics and strategies to use. But, you're using strategy and tactics interchangeably as though they were the same thing. They [...]

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Anatomy of a Point – It’s Not What It Seems

Question: When you're in a tennis rally, do you know when in the rally most of your points are won/lost?  Is it... a) 0-4 shots?   b) 5-8 shots?  or  c) 9+ shots? (Note: this question applies to all players across the full spectrum of levels and ages: juniors, high school players, college players, touring pros, league [...]

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Doubles Partnerships – Keep Working on Them

"If you know how to play doubles, then you can gel as a team." - Martina Navratilova I watch tennis on television. I like the drama, the tension, the strategy, whether it's singles or doubles. Also, I tune in to the Hall of Fame commentators for their unique perspectives on the matches. Post-match interviews of the players are [...]

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