Doubles Partnerships – Keep Working on Them

"If you know how to play doubles, then you can gel as a team." - Martina Navratilova I watch tennis on television. I like the drama, the tension, the strategy, whether it's singles or doubles. Also, I tune in to the Hall of Fame commentators for their unique [...]

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2 by 4, Part Ill — The Beginning of a Doubles Point

"CHANGE STARTS WHEN YOU SEE THE NEXT STEP" ~ Anon The Receiver - the two responsibilities for you are: To return the serve crosscourt - keep it away from the net player. Huge! And, To return crosscourt in such a way as to give you [...]

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2 by 4, Part ll — The Beginning of a Doubles Point

"EVERY POINT IS A CHANCE FOR A FRESH BEGINNING" — Jose In Part ll of The Beginning of a Doubles Point (Part I click here), I am going to focus on the two jobs each of you in doubles is entrusted with if you're in [...]

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2 by 4, Part I – The Beginning of a Tennis Doubles Point

"When the ancients said that a work well begun was half done, they meant that we ought to  take the utmost pains in every undertaking to make a good beginning." — Polybius Okay, the four of you have had a proper warmup and now you're ready to begin [...]

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Lean and Deliver

"INDECISION IS THE GRAVEYARD OF GOOD INTENTIONS"  - Anon Tennis, whether it's singles or doubles requires of you the ability to anticipate and to recognize patterns. Anticipation is one of the priceless intangibles you need to develop and keep sharp to grow and evolve your tennis game. [...]

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Alley Burn Allergies

"A SHIP IN PORT IS SAFE, BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT SHIPS ARE BUILT FOR." Ineffective doubles players never get burned down the alleys. You'll recognize them by their allergic reactions when they get beat down the alleys - "she's not passing me down the alley anymore," [...]

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To the Net or Not – “7 Shades Green”

" Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread. " --- Alexander Pope Do I or don't I? Should I or shouldn't I? I guess it's time. It feels right, I'm going for it!  Or, no, I'm not going to the net, I might get lobbed, [...]

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