7 Shades of Green – #3 The Free Trip

THE FREE TRIP – It’s a free ride. Gratis. It’s redeeming your frequent flyer miles. The Free Trip transition is one of the easiest tactics to execute in doubles but you have to recognize it, you have to  know what to look for. When you learn to recognize The Free Trip – You’ll have a gold mine – so many opportunities!

How do I know when I have a Free Trip which allows me to go to the net?

Here is what it looks like; You are the baseline player and have hit one of those blistering ground strokes which has put your opposing baseline player on the defense resulting in your partner at the net getting an incredibly,  salivating setup at the net. Once you, the baseline player,see that your partner is poised to attack the player who’s closer to the net(the hot seat), you are ready to make your move to the net. That’s your green light; go, and join your partner at the net. That’s The Free Trip – and it’s free because you as the baseline player did not have to do anything other than recognize when your partner at the net was set up to attack the hot seat.

As all of you know, not all winners are winners. There are many times your partner at the net needs help in case the supposed winner comes back. Two at the net instead of one makes for a stronger attacking team.

As a tennis doubles strategy – for the Free Trip to work well, the net player with the setup must direct the attack the hot seat. Imperative!

Difficulty; The Free Trip tactic is geared more to the 3.5-5.0 level of play where the doubles players have more consistent directional intent. But, I still encourage the 2.5-3.5 players to begin learning “The Free Trip tactic” to broaden their view of the aggressive opportunities that are available to them.

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Jose Benjumea is a certified PTR Tennis Professional who has been teaching the game since 1974, mostly in Virginia Beach. Jose graduated from Old Dominion University, where he played on the tennis team.

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