7 Shades of Green – #4 The Lob

The Lob is one of the easiest ways to go to the net. It’s a classic tactic for the transition game. And, amongst the transitions I have described in the series 7 Shades of Green, it is the simplest in that you have few variables to concern yourself with: balls coming at you at the speed of light, balls at your feet, balls blasted by you and your partner.

As a tennis doubles strategy, what is the Lob Approach tactic?

You set up the approach by lobbing the ball over the net player’s head or, if both players are at the net, then choose to lob over the player whose overhead is weaker. Once you’ve lobbed over the opponent’s head and you see them scrambling back to the baseline to retrieve your well-placed lob, you advance to the net. In a one up one back formation, you can either lob over the net player or lob cross-court to your opponent at the baseline and then move in to the net. That’s it.

A word of caution when you use The Lob approach tactic – when you make your move to the net, make sure that you stop two to three steps outside the service lines. Why? Have you ever tried to successfully and consistently hit a solid ground stroke when you’ve been hit a lob? It’s not easy. Usually, your lob to an opponent your opponent to respond with a lob. Watch for that pattern!

Difficulty: easy to add to your transition game and I highly encourage the 2.5-4.0 players to get started with The Lob approach shot.

4.5 and up; The Lob is already a part of their transition game.


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Jose Benjumea is a certified PTR Tennis Professional who has been teaching the game since 1974, mostly in Virginia Beach. Jose graduated from Old Dominion University, where he played on the tennis team.

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