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What happens when you are talking with your doubles partner but you’re not really communicating?  Here is what I mean – you’re planning on  how to beat your opponents and you’re discussing what tactics and strategies to use. But, you’re using strategy and tactics interchangeably as though they were the same thing.

They are NOT.  Here’s the deal:

STRATEGY is an overall plan or goal to achieve a goal.

“I’m going to be more aggressive” is an example of a strategy. The plan is to attack, to put pressure on your opponent, to force an opponent into difficult situations. It’s a general plan.

Two questions you need to keep in mind as you think about STRATEGY:

1. WHAT is the plan? and,

2. Why?

After you have answered the WHAT? and WHY? then comes the TACTICS. You can’t have tactics before you have identified your strategy.

TACTICS is the “HOW?”.

How will you be aggressive? Examples are, “I’ll attack second serves, be first to the net, direct more topspin to the backhand, hit more slices to the forehand, hit a higher percentage of first serves…

As you can see, TACTICS define how you’ll accomplish your STRATEGY.

The next time you and your partner are creating your game plan, be sure to say what you mean. When both of you have a good grasp of the difference between STRATEGY and TACTICS, you’ll be on your way to having a winning plan.

In a nutshell:



Check out the video on Strategy vs Tactics on Youtube channel, Game Changer with Jose Benjumea.

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Jose Benjumea is a certified PTR Tennis Professional who has been teaching the game since 1974, mostly in Virginia Beach. Jose graduated from Old Dominion University, where he played on the tennis team.