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Evolve with Your Tennis

Jose Benjumea is a PTR certified tennis professional who has been a tennis teaching professional since 1974.  At the urging of his students and through many years of tennis instruction, researching and compiling successful strategies for the court, Jose has taken the plunge to connect to recreational players from 2.0 to 5.0 on-line. This website and future posts are dedicated to all tennis enthusiasts who wish to discover new ways of thinking about the game and to encourage all players, at any stage of their tennis journey, to evolve with their tennis.

3 Types of Doubles Players – Who are You?


We can all develop the skills and mindset of the doubles players “WHO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.” And, if you’re already in the first category, well, there is always room for upgrades. It is to this end that I have devoted myself to make iclicktennis.com the website of tennis instruction to go to to help you grow, evolve, and transform your game and mindset. Change is that constant in our lives which nudges us to keep on learning and adapting. Let’s do it!

Recents Posts by Jose

Crisp, Consistent Forehand Volleys

THE FOREHAND VOLLEY - Why does your volley keep finding the net? Why does the sweet spot seem non-existent? A ghost. Short, deep, wide, long, why is directional intent absent? Can't seem to find the target? Well, without a consistent, solid, crisp forehand volley, it's unlikely that you'll be able to control the net as [...]

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2 by 4, Part Ill — The Beginning of a Doubles Point

"CHANGE STARTS WHEN YOU SEE THE NEXT STEP" ~ Anon The Receiver - the two responsibilities for you are: To return the serve crosscourt - keep it away from the net player. Huge! And, To return crosscourt in such a way as to give you and your partner control of the point - it's easier [...]

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2 by 4, Part ll — The Beginning of a Doubles Point

"EVERY POINT IS A CHANCE FOR A FRESH BEGINNING" — Jose In Part ll of The Beginning of a Doubles Point (Part I click here), I am going to focus on the two jobs each of you in doubles is entrusted with if you're in the 2.5-3.0 level of play. The goal is to let [...]

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2 by 4, Part I – The Beginning of a Tennis Doubles Point

"When the ancients said that a work well begun was half done, they meant that we ought to  take the utmost pains in every undertaking to make a good beginning." — Polybius Okay, the four of you have had a proper warmup and now you're ready to begin your doubles match. Server is bouncing the tennis ball several [...]

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