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Evolve with Your Tennis

Jose Benjumea is a PTR certified tennis professional who has been a tennis teaching professional since 1974.  At the urging of his students and through many years of tennis instruction, researching and compiling successful strategies for the court, Jose has taken the plunge to connect to recreational players from 2.0 to 5.0 on-line. This website and future posts are dedicated to all tennis enthusiasts who wish to discover new ways of thinking about the game and to encourage all players, at any stage of their tennis journey, to evolve with their tennis.

3 Types of Doubles Players – Who are You?


We can all develop the skills and mindset of the doubles players “WHO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.” And, if you’re already in the first category, well, there is always room for upgrades. It is to this end that I have devoted myself to make iclicktennis.com the website of tennis instruction to go to to help you grow, evolve, and transform your game and mindset. Change is that constant in our lives which nudges us to keep on learning and adapting. Let’s do it!

Recents Posts by Jose

Lean and Deliver

"INDECISION IS THE GRAVEYARD OF GOOD INTENTIONS"  - Anon Tennis, whether it's singles or doubles requires of you the ability to anticipate and to recognize patterns. Anticipation is one of the priceless intangibles you need to develop and keep sharp to grow and evolve your tennis game. It's essential. And, in doubles, especially at the net, anticipation [...]

By | June 1st, 2015|Doubles, Mindset, Tennis Nuggets|1 Comment

Alley Burn Allergies

"A SHIP IN PORT IS SAFE, BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT SHIPS ARE BUILT FOR." Ineffective doubles players never get burned down the alleys. You'll recognize them by their allergic reactions when they get beat down the alleys - "she's not passing me down the alley anymore,"  I'll show her who controls the alleys, I won't get [...]

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What’s in Your Bag?

Included in your tennis bag, along with a towel, sunscreen, a change of clothes, clean socks, grips, water bottle,  anti-choking pills (if not in liquid form), a second racquet...should be a pair of nail clippers, the kind you buy at a drugstore or your local Target. I BET YOU'RE WONDERING WHY Okay, here is the [...]

By | April 19th, 2015|Equipment, Tennis Nuggets|2 Comments

When Backing Up is Not Backing Off

Many club/recreational players have the mistaken notion that backing up is a sign of weakness. Not so! I have seen a variety of instances when the wise thing to do is back up to defend yourself or to stage an offense from a different part of the court. Throughout the course of our tennis journey, [...]

By | March 31st, 2015|Doubles, Mindset|3 Comments